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This web site has been established to track the activities of the Committees and Subcommittees
of Public Safety Region 6; and to provide an online reference center
for public safety spectrum planning issues.

We encourage the participation of Public Safety Spectrum users in Northern California,
and those interested in the advancement of Public Safety Communications.

  Current Events...

800 MHz News... (September 07, 2011)

Mission Critical Voice Communications Requirements for Public Safety
The term mission critical voice has been used within the public safety community for decades. More

800 MHz News... (October 14, 2009)

Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau approves Region 6 (Northern California) NPSPAC Regional Planning Committee Non-Streamlined Amendment to reflect 800 MHZ band reconfiguration in the 806-809/851-854 band

DA/FCC:  DA-09-2219
Docket(s): 90-287 02-55
Release Date:  10/14/2009

The link(s) for the document are as follows:

Revised Plan

800 MHz News... (August 17, 2009)

The Northern California Region 6 NPSPAC Revised Plan has been put on Public Notice by the FCC. The Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau seeks comment on Region 6 (Northern California) 800 MHz Regional Planning Committees' Non-streamlined Amendment to reflect 800 MHz band reconfiguration.
Click here to view Acrobat copy of the Public Notice.

800 MHz News... (April 23, 2009)

The Northern California Region 6 NPSPAC Plan has been revised. The Plan has been presented to the FCC. As a courtesy to users and Members of the Committee the revised plan with a watermark is being presented here. When the plan has been approved by the FCC the watermark will be removed.
Click here to view Acrobat copy of the revised plan.

800 MHz News... (May 19, 2006)

Northern California Region 6 NPSPAC Repacking and Re banding Meeting
On May 25, 2006 a meeting will be held in Sacramento, California hosted by the Region 6 Review and Revision Committee. The meeting will be between representatives of the 800 MHz Transition Administrator, Sprint Nextel and all licensees whose frequencies are proposed to change under the amended Region 6 plan. Members of the Regional Committee will also be present to answer any questions. Review the linked documents before attending
OES Map , Region 6 Letter , TA Cover letter , Spreadsheet Example 20060526

700 MHz News... (March 22, 2006)

The Federal Communications Commission today released the Eighth Notice of Proposed Rule making in the 700 MHZ proceeding, inviting comments on proposals to re channelize twelve megahertz of the 700 MHz public safety band to provide for broadband applications.  The Notice was adopted at last Friday's meeting of the Commission, and the pleading cycle will be set with its publication in the Federal Register.  (FCC)

700 MHz News... (March 17, 2006)

The FCC seeks comment on proposals for modifying 700 MHz public safety spectrum to Accommodate broadband communications.

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800 MHz Chairman:
Randy Hagar
Deputy Director
GSA Communications Department
Alameda County
1401 Lakeside Drive, 10th Floor
Oakland, CA 94612-4305
Tel: 510-208-9789
Fax: 510-208-9711

700 MHz & 800 MHz Vice Chairman
Preston Thomson BSEE
State of California Retired
Tel: 916-797-5395
Fax: 916-797-5396

700 MHz Chairman:
John Lemmon
Senior Telecommunications Engineer
Office of Public Safety Communications
California Technology Agency

601 Sequoia Pacific Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95811-0231
Tel: 916-657-6153
Fax: 916-657-9233

Jim Lencioni
IT Analyst
Placer County Telecommunications
Tel: 530-889-7747
FAX: 530-886-3342

What is Public Safety Region 6?

During the late 1980s the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) developed a National Plan for Public Safety Radio Services, setting national guidelines for use of the 821-824/866-869 MHz (800 MHz) spectrum while establishing fifty-five regional planning committees to develop public safety regional plans tailored to the particular communications needs of the area.

Region 6 encompasses the 48 counties of California situated north of the northernmost borders of San Luis Obispo, Kern and San Bernardino counties.

The 800 MHz Northern California (Region 6) Plan was adopted by the FCC on November 20, 1990. The 800 MHz Plan was last revised on October 10, 2001.

In 1998, the FCC adopted service rules for the 24 megahertz of spectrum in the 764-776/794-806 MHz frequency bands (collectively, the 700 MHz band). At the direction of Congress, this spectrum was reallocated from television broadcast services to public safety communications services. It will be available as soon as existing TV stations vacate the spectrum, which is targeted for no later than December 31, 2006.

A large portion of the 700 MHz public safety spectrum (12.5 MHz), is designated for general use by local, regional and state users. A regional planning process was adopted to govern management of this public safety spectrum. It is a similar process to that used in the 821-824 MHz and 866-869 MHz bands. The Regional Planning Committees (RPCs) are allowed maximum flexibility to meet state and local needs, encourage innovative use of the spectrum, and accommodate new and as yet unanticipated developments in technology equipment. They are responsible for creating and managing regional plans.

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