Public Safety Region 6 (Northern California)

Regional Planning Committee

800 MHz ("NPSPAC") Spectrum Planning
  800 MHz Spectrum Planning in Northern California:
  • During the late 1980s the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chartered the National Public Safety Planning Advisory Committee (NPSPAC). NPSPAC was tasked with the development of a National Plan for the use of the 821-824/866-869 MHz (800 MHz) spectrum by Public Safety.
  • As adopted by the FCC, the Public Safety National Plan established local planning committees to develop public safety regional plans tailored to the particular communications needs of each area.
  • The original 800 MHz Region 6 (Northern California) Plan was adopted by the FCC on November 20, 1990. The Plan is maintained by the 800 MHz Review and Revision Committee. The Fifth revision to the Plan was adopted by the FCC on October 10, 2001
  • In addition to maintaining the plan, the Committee reviews all proposals for stations using the NPSPAC spectrum for compliance with the plan. The Committee's concurrence is submitted by the applicant with application to the Frequency Coordinator and the FCC.

800 MHz News Items:

Meeting Notes...

At the October 10 2002 meeting of the Region 6 NPSPAC Review and Revision Committee, 800 MHz Committee Chairman Art McDole announced the retirement of Committee Member Ron Keisel from Marin County as of October 30, 2002.

With Mr. Keisel's retirement, the "Police - County" position on the Review Subcommittee will be vacant. Individuals qualified to serve as the representative of a county-level law enforcement organization, and who are willing to serve in this capacity are invited to submit a resume to Mr. McDole.

Note for Mutual Aid Applicants:

The Governor's Office of Emergency Services moved during 2002. As a result, the contact information on the Frequency Assignment Chart (Attachment G) is obsolete. The new contact information is:

Governor's Office of Emergency Services
Telecommunications Section
Attn: Don Root
3650 Schriever Ave.
Mather, CA 95655-4203
+ 916.845.8630 Voice
+ 916.845.8606 FAX  



800 MHz Information:
Region 6 Info:

NPSPAC Committee Chair:

Art McDole
333 Tapadero St.
Salinas, CA 93906
+ 831.442.9981 Voice
+ 831.449.1776 FAX  

800 MHz Review and Revision Committee Roster
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Region 6 800 MHz Plan
Revised 10/2001 [PDF file]
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Region 6 800 MHz
Frequency Assignments

Revised 04/2001 updated [PDF file]

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